The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Bra and Lingerie Fit

Everywhere you turn, there are rules for dressing,  but getting lingerie right? Way more mysterious. Everyone wants to look sexy (obviously) but also to feel comfortable and confident, and that can seem totally at odds with the fact that we’re talking about tiny pieces of fabric. There’s the question of practicality too for curvier women who need more support than flimsy satin triangles can give. Designer Leanna Williams of Harlow & Fox understood the problem, creating a line of sexy underpinnings offered exclusively in cup sizes DD to G. As such, she’s kind of become an expert on how curvy girls should be shopping for lingerie.

Glamour: Sometimes it seems like the only people wholesale bikinis comfortable in lingerie are lingerie models. What pieces or silhouettes are typically best for curvier bodies?

Leanna Williams: First, you need a garment that fits well. Nothing is going to make you feel less comfortable than if what you’re wearing is digging in, binding, or sitting awkwardly. And find what makes you feel beautiful, whether it’s a color you love against your skin or a print that reminds you of your first date. Find little things that make you feel good and that inner confidence will shine on the outside.

Garter belts are actually a great way to highlight your favorite body parts while subtly covering areas you feel less confident about. We have one that sits on the natural waist to emphasize an hourglass silhouette, while lace side panels frame the hips and cover the area between garter belt and brief. It’s softly covering the tummy, an area you might not like to draw attention to, but isn’t doing it with solid, heavy-duty pieces.

Glamour: High-waisted pieces always look so seductive in a catalog, but they’re intimidating to wear. Any other tips for approaching them?

LW: One of the biggest fit issues we found was that long-line bra shapes, those that extend an inch or so [lower than normal], and high-waisted briefs are best not paired together unless they’ll overlap to create the illusion of a one-piece style. Otherwise, no matter what size you are, they’ll create an unflattering roll in the middle.

The briefs work best when they have some sheerness in the design. It keeps things light and avoids creating a mass of one color and texture, which looks like a solid block. Central panels, especially when curved to follow the narrowness of the waist and the fullness of the hips, visually lengthen the torso.

If you’re shopping online, the height of the model used in the image is often listed in the item description. Check it because it’s a good indication of how high or low the briefs might come up on you.


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