The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Bra and Lingerie Fit

Everywhere you turn, there are rules for dressing,  but getting lingerie right? Way more mysterious. Everyone wants to look sexy (obviously) but also to feel comfortable and confident, and that can seem totally at odds with the fact that we’re talking about tiny pieces of fabric. There’s the question of practicality too for curvier women who need more support than flimsy satin triangles can give. Designer Leanna Williams of Harlow & Fox understood the problem, creating a line of sexy underpinnings offered exclusively in cup sizes DD to G. As such, she’s kind of become an expert on how curvy girls should be shopping for lingerie.

Glamour: Sometimes it seems like the only people wholesale bikinis comfortable in lingerie are lingerie models. What pieces or silhouettes are typically best for curvier bodies?

Leanna Williams: First, you need a garment that fits well. Nothing is going to make you feel less comfortable than if what you’re wearing is digging in, binding, or sitting awkwardly. And find what makes you feel beautiful, whether it’s a color you love against your skin or a print that reminds you of your first date. Find little things that make you feel good and that inner confidence will shine on the outside.

Garter belts are actually a great way to highlight your favorite body parts while subtly covering areas you feel less confident about. We have one that sits on the natural waist to emphasize an hourglass silhouette, while lace side panels frame the hips and cover the area between garter belt and brief. It’s softly covering the tummy, an area you might not like to draw attention to, but isn’t doing it with solid, heavy-duty pieces.

Glamour: High-waisted pieces always look so seductive in a catalog, but they’re intimidating to wear. Any other tips for approaching them?

LW: One of the biggest fit issues we found was that long-line bra shapes, those that extend an inch or so [lower than normal], and high-waisted briefs are best not paired together unless they’ll overlap to create the illusion of a one-piece style. Otherwise, no matter what size you are, they’ll create an unflattering roll in the middle.

The briefs work best when they have some sheerness in the design. It keeps things light and avoids creating a mass of one color and texture, which looks like a solid block. Central panels, especially when curved to follow the narrowness of the waist and the fullness of the hips, visually lengthen the torso.

If you’re shopping online, the height of the model used in the image is often listed in the item description. Check it because it’s a good indication of how high or low the briefs might come up on you.

A Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

I’m not a good shopper. It’s cheap sexy clothes just not my thing. I don’t enjoy it and I always end up disappointed. Obviously I’m not talking about grocery shopping, although I could be. But that’s a story for another day. I’m talking about clothes — the main source of stress in my life. Yes, the MAIN source. It isn’t having a full time job — it’s having nothing to wear to it. It’s not running four boys all over the county — it’s that I’m not properly attired to do it. Clothes shopping is the constant thorn in my side.

It could be my shopping process. I don’t usually leave the house before 8:30 at night. That’s when the homework is done, the showers have been finished and young children are neatly tucked in for the night. The last load of laundry for the day has been thrown in the dryer, so out I run. Of course there’s travel time involved, so I have to go to a store in close proximity that stays open late. That pretty much leaves WalMart and Kohl’s.

I choose Kohl’s because I ”expect great things.”  I sprint around the store, grabbing anything that appears like it may fit, but since I have no idea what size I am I grab it in three sizes. Arms loaded, hangers falling all over, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. Wow, this time of night the wrinkles seem deeper and the roots seem grayer! I also notice that everything in my hands is black. I hear the voices of my friends and coworkers, ”Get some color.” So I start the sprint again. My clothes shopping technique is eerily similar to the ”Supermarket Sweep” game show style of shopping, but I’ve yet to get the grand prize!

By the time I hit the dressing room I’m exhausted and the announcement is going off that the store is closing in fifteen minutes. I undress quickly, but then I’m stopped DEAD IN MY TRACKS.

Surely it must be the lighting in here…That’s not ME in the mirror, is it? Who designed these mirrors anyway? Clearly, it was a man or some skinny chick with a warped sense of humor. I do not need to see myself from EVERY possible angle before I get my clothes back on. I do not need to know that what I expected is actually true…a chocolate chip cookie dough diet and lack of exercise really can cause cellulite. I don’t need to see that my razor really isn’t as sharp as I thought it was. And are those bumps, humps and lovely lady lumps Fergie sang of supposed to be on my thighs? Because they are not quite as smooth as they once may have been. And where did all this extra skin come from? I convince myself that a tan will make it all better. I vow for the umpteenth time to eat less and work out more.

I can’t take it anymore so I start to try on the clothes. The announcement rings out again-the store is closing but will reopen for my ”convenience” in the morning. Nothing about this is convenient. NOTHING. I try on pants, all three sizes — too big, too small, none just right. Can I really be no size? I try on tops-too loose, too low cut, too matronly, too ”young” looking. Who makes this crap, anyway? I gather it all up and throw it in the unwanted bin. All but a pair of socks and some pajama bottoms.

By now the announcement is, ”Hey lumpy white lady making a mess in the fitting room, we want to go home.” I go to the register and am greeted with dirty looks. I pay and wait for the security guard to unlock the doors to let me out.

I approach the mini, the only car in the lot. I drive home avoiding the Dunkin drive thru calling my name. I enter a quiet house, greeted only by the dog. I tidy up, slide into my new pjs and get into bed. I try to think of the next time I’ll be able to get to a store again, but no open date comes to mind, and I’m exhausted from this excursion anyway. But it’s hard to fall asleep while I wonder what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow.

Are You Waiting to Buy Clothes Until You Lose Weight?

Are you in the midst of losing weight and as plus size shapewear a result  are holding off purchasing new clothes in order to save time and money? OR I’m sure we have all heard someone say something along the lines of ”I’m not going to buy new clothing until I lose some weight.”

To this mindset plus size womens clothes I always say – What are you waiting for? Have you considered the opportunities that may be bypassing you in the meantime? There is no reason to put your life and goals on hold just because you have weight to lose.

Let me demonstrate this concept  further with a fictitious illustration — Sally has made a resolution to lose weight and has decided to hold off purchasing new clothing until she is at her ideal weight, which may take up to 9 months perhaps longer. At the same time, she also would like to be promoted at work and find romance. Her existing wardrobe is not reflecting how she would like to be received at work or on the dating scene.

Is it wise for Sally to continue wearing clothing to work and social engagements (including dates) that does not give off her best energy for the next 9 months, possibly more? Absolutely not! She is putting her work and romance goals at risk.

During times of weight transition, to be time- and budget-smart while maximizing your image potential, follow these 4 easy steps to ensure the image you are displaying is in alignment with your short-term goals:

1.Take an inventory of your short-term goals.Estimate and write down how long it will take you to achieve your desired weight. Then write down your short-term goals that you want to achieve during your weight transition. Some examples may include: job change/promotion, finding romance, attract more clients/sales etc.

2.Take an inventory of your short-term image goals.For each short-term goal identified in step 1, write down the image you would like to project in order for the goal to be successfully achieved.

For example if you would like to be promoted at work, the image you would like to project may include words like professional, modern, vibrant, powerful and respected.

3.Take an inventory of your current wardrobe and identify gaps.Review your current wardrobe in light of your short-term image goals identified in step 2. Identify where you can fill in the gaps between your current wardrobe and your short-term image goals. Sometimes you can work with many pieces in your existing wardrobe and just add in a few key staple pieces that are new.

For example, let’s say you are looking to change jobs and you own a classic suit that is still a reasonable fit that works great for job interviews. However, all of the blouses you currently own that go with the suit are outdated (which translates to old-fashioned, resistant to change, outdated thinking). It is very possible that you only need to fill in a gap by adding a new blouse in your color palette and style to refresh the outfit. You could attract a dream job and a salary increase just by spending a small amount of money on a new blouse!

4.Fill in the gaps.Now it’s time to fill in the gaps identified in step 3 by going shopping! Also keep your eyes open for items that can be easily altered during your weight transition.

Now you have 4 easy steps to ensure the image you are displaying is in alignment with your short-term goals during weight loss. You will more than likely want to repeat the above 4 steps periodically throughout your weight loss because as clothing becomes looser, it may not align with your image goals (i.e. the suit in the example above more than likely will not look professional if it becomes extremely loose).

There is no reason to put your goals on hold just because you have some weight to lose. All we really have is the present. Give off your best and most authentic energy today to attract the opportunities your heart desires!

Cook ditches the bikini

Natalie Cook  believes the bikini is the most effective uniform in beach volleyball but she has shelved plans to don the outfit in her London Olympics opening match after being handed an extraordinary 11pm start time.

The five-time underwear manufacturer  Olympian and her playing partner Tamsin Hinchley have been drawn to meet double gold medallists Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor of the United States at Horse Guard’s Parade on Saturday night, with the late scheduling a result of timing for American television.

Despite  the International Volleyball Federation easing the dress standard – it was previously compulsory for female beach volleyballers to wear a bikini or full-body suit in international competition – Cook has remained a staunch advocate of the two-piece.

However, after arriving at the Australian team outfitting centre in east London she said her and Hinchley would be covering up in anticipation of cool late-evening conditions and possibly rain at the venue near Buckingham Palace.

”We’re in there now trying on our long tights,” the Sydney gold medallist said.

”Then we put our uniform on over the top so we kind of look like Superman with our undies on the outside. It won’t be too good but it’s much better than playing cold because you’ve got to be able to focus.

”We are playing so late because of the American broadcast and NBC coverage. It is not great for the bikini but we will do our best.”

Volleyball officials are now allowing competitors to play in shorts and sleeved tops at the Olympics, relaxing the regulations in an effort to attract entrants from countries with more restrictive cultural standards.

Cook, however, argues that the bikini is the attire that works for her and Hinchley.”I still think the bikini is the best practical application for our sport in most conditions. We play in 45 degree heat in Brazil,” the 37-year-old said. ”Even the bikini is too much in that heat.”Cook and Hinchley flew to London from Austria where they finalised Olympic preparations at a grand prix event in Klagenfurt. They are hoping to spring an upset on the champion Americans in their opening contest – even if it stretches into Sunday morning.

”We do have a tough draw,” Cook said. ”Hopefully we can catch them sleeping. They’ve been out of competition for the last two weeks – they’ve chosen to go back to the US and practise.

”It’s a different level when you’re in the firing line every day playing in that competition. Hoping we can catch them napping.”

StephieAnn SS14. Inspired by British Poetry Made In UK

Its always nice to hot red lingerie  feature new collections, especially if they are made in the UK and when StephieAnn landed in our Inbox we thought we’d have to show you straight away.

This debut collection is inspired by the poem ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ by Dylan Thomas and designer Stephanie Woolven explained to us how her creative process works.

“The 2014 collection identifies with the poem, And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Thomas who expresses his belief in everlasting love and the notion that love never gives up, even through death. Through researching poetry and visual imagery I chose ice to destroy flowers in a poetic manner. The ability to freeze an object so alive in beauty and soul resonated closely with my interpretation and imagination. Although I eventually shattered and destroyed the flowers, my photography and drawings are still beautiful and ethereal, as is Thomas’ love.”

The lingerie hot red lingerie  itself is very British with lots of gorgeous floral prints that give off a relaxed countryside feel. Our favourite is the Applique Nighty which you can see below, the flower detail looks just like real flowers.

Triumph Lingerie Spring/Summer 08

With exquisite styling, hot red lingerie  enchanting fabrics and the most delicate of colours, Triumph creates a lingerie collection for spring ’08 that will appeal to the heart and enhance the curves of every discerning woman.

The collection unfolds with soft laces, embroideries and jacquards sitting alongside plainer and more sculptured shapes.

Ornate and richly textured embroideries and laces appear on the lightest of transparent nets for a sophisticated and seductive look. Supple padding, flexible under-wiring and clever seams gently support and contour, even for big cups. In fact, most of the new bras go right up to F cup (Luxury Desire, Lacy Desire, Lovely Passion).

Seamless cup designs that gently smooth the body have sensuous second skin appeal. Soft and Nude with its clean, puristic lines incorporating flat and selvedge edges is almost undetectable under clothing.

Lending a soft, almost vintage effect to the season are gentle vanilla, apricot, rose and cafe latte tones with silver as a subtle contrast. And looking fresh, crisp and modern in the glossy new textures is classic white. Decorative straps, cleavage detail, pretty bows and delicate metallic trims are dainty touches. Matching briefs favour a deep square cut or high-leg.

Finally, the best sellers hot red lingerie  Amourette 300, Angel Curves, Intense Passion, My Desire, Romantic Desire and Tender Temptation are all given a makeover with shades from the spring palette.

Celebrate national underwear day with the best lingerie for your shape

While national days hot red lingerie might seem like nothing more than money-making ventures made up by card companies, when it comes to one that’s all about celebrating feeling fabulous in your smalls we’re totally onboard.

And, if you’re still a naysayer, you might as well use it as an excuse to treat yourself to some new underpinnings because, you’ve guessed it, today is national underwear day.

More often than not our underwear is very much an afterthought and a necessity that requires very little consideration. If it’s clean and just about fits, it will do.

Read more15 best online lingerie shopsUntil now that is. With an entire day dedicated to readdressing your smalls, it’s time to consider whether your bras are giving you double boob, your pants are too tight and if your whites aren’t quite as dazzling as they used to be.

You see, the key to looking and feeling great in your clothes is really to strip back and concentrate on the basics. Get your underwear right, and you can enhance, flatter and feel instantly more confident.

That being said, with such a minefield of styles on offer, knowing what bra or bottoms will best suit your body shape can be confusing but, that’s where we come in.

For ladies with the coveted hourglass silhouette, apple shapes and those with bigger busts, there are luckily a whole host of brands specialising in lingerie to help make the most of you assets.

The key is to remember that while you’ve been blessed with bigger breasts, they’re not all the same shape so after figuring out your size, think about the style that will best support and flatter your chest.

If you have a very full breast, hot red lingerie opt for a full cup while those who carry more underneath or to the side should consider a plunge bra to help create a natural-looking cleavage. Either way, the right support is an absolute must.

Lingerie brand Nubian Skin is set to launch new range of ‘nude’ underwear for darker skin tones

An innovative lingerie hot red lingerie brand aims to ‘empower’ every woman with a new underwear collection for darker skin tones.

The lack of nude-coloured options in the lingerie market has inspired London-based label Nubian Skin to create a range of underwear for women of colour. So if you’ve struggled in the past to find underclothing that matches your skin tone, this might be the collection for you.

The line will include nude bras, knickers and hosiery in both plain and lacy styles, and in a wide variety of sizes and shades to suit all shapes and skin tones. The debut collection will come in sizes from 30B to 36E, but has plans of expanding to plus-sizes in the near future.

Nikki Tucker told Clutch Magazine: “As women of colour we can all attest to how challenging it is to find natural tone lingerie.”

Nubian Skin lingerie + show all Nubian Skin lingerie 1/6 Nubian Skin lingerie The darkest shade of the lingerie, called Berry

The brand believed there hot red lingerie was a need to fill the gap in the market, so decided it was time for all women to have the choice to go nude. The company’s founder wrote on its blog: “My nude isn’t the nude I see in shops. Despite the reality that women of colour have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery (and spend the same of their hard-earned money), the industry simply doesn’t cater to us.

A guide to lingerie gifting this Christmas

There’s nothing more hot red lingerie indulgent than unwrapping a delicate lingerie set at Valentines. For the special woman in your life, it’s the ideal gift that promises to bring a touch of romance to the festive season but get it wrong and you’ve got a recipe for a delicates disaster.

Every girl likes to look her best but it’s important to figure out what it is that gives her that feel-good factor. Is she girly and feminine? Does she like to vamp things up or is she understated and classic? Lingerie shopping for a loved one can seem like a tricky task and while it’s certainly not easy, there are a few tricks you can use to get that magical moment right.

Read more10 best online lingerie shops11 best lingerie setsMost women have a small rota of much-loved underwear that they switch between so your first port of call should be her delicates drawer. This is a great way to figure out her size but be sure to look at a few different styles as they can vary depending on the style; if so, go with the most popular or most recent.

Having a rummage will also be a good indication of what colours and styles she prefers. If she has a favourite shade then chances are she’ll love a lingerie set in that hue. Similarly, this is also impacted by the type of gift you want to give – silky red says seduction while frilly fabrics in cream and pink show a sweeter side.

Internet shopping might hot red lingerie seem like the easiest option but being able to see and touch the lingerie will help you make a more informed decision and don’t be afraid to ask store advisers for help.

Tom Peck’s Sketch: Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone provides the Ultimo in delayed gratification

It has been suggested hot red lingerie that a Lords debate two months ago on “women in business” might have been an opportune time for businessperson and woman Michelle Mone to give her long-awaited maiden speech, but much to the disappointment of her noble lordships, the Government’s small business Tsar was in Barbados playing golf that day.

It meant that the contribution of Baroness Mone of Mayfair, her of Glasgow tenement-turned-lingerie millionairess fame, to Monday’s debate on “Progress made in the areas of women’s representation and empowerment” was truly the Ultimo in delayed gratification.

The first bra manufacturer to address the House of Lords would always be a historic moment, and it came with a fitting warm-up act. Rachel Treweek, the Bishop of Gloucester, the first female Lord Spiritual, was also giving her maiden address.

Read moreMichelle Mone, the Tory peer who supported cutting tax creditsThe automatic elevation of clergy folk into the legislature is what regularly prompts democracy monitoring organisations to liken the UK to the only other country that does it – Iran. So the rise of a female bishop is not merely a triumph for womankind over democracy but the re-establishment of crucial British bragging rights over our counterparts in Tehran. (Incidentally, at the Iranian parliamentary elections this week, 20 of 290 elected politicians were women. That’s a percentage of 6.8 per cent which while not great does make them infinitely more progressive than the Lib Dems.)

With its giant gold throne down one end, the House of Lords certainly feels a long way from the Glasgow tenement on which Lady Mone grew up. It was in keeping with the Hogwarts atmosphere that her first words were to inform her peers: “As a wee girl, I grew up in a cupboard.

“I was worried I wouldn’t fit in here. I shouldn’t have worried,” she told them, thanking “noble lordships from all sides of the House” who had graciously welcomed her. It was kind of her, and not least as it contrasted with the sentiment shared with The Sunday Times last weekend over some large glasses of chardonnay, when her PR handler twice had to intervene to stop her sharing the names of those who have told her “you don’t deserve to be here”.

The House only appeared briefly alarmed when she threatened to sing her favourite karaoke song. Instead, she read out the lyrics: “I believe that children are the future. Treat them well and let them lead the way.” A first for Whitney, and for British politics too no doubt.

“It was, by any standard, hot red lingerie an exceptional maiden speech,” Margaret Thatcher’s former Employment Secretary, Lord Fowler, told the House once she had sat down again. “Looking the noble lady up on Google I know that she already has had a notable bit of success. I found a beaming picture of her between Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne. It was a picture of happy unity.”